Today I’ll start with a walk through the capital of Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo is the cultural, financial, political, commercial and industrial center of the Dominican Republic, with the country’s most important industries being located within the city.  Also, Santo Domingo serves as the chief seaport of the country, which makes it more interesting.

When I first came here, I couldn’t imagine that this country can be so complete and rich in all respects. I was impressed. Impressed by its beauty, impressed by its history.

Prior to the arrival of  Christopher Columbus in 1492, the native Taino people populated the island which they called Quisqueya (mother of all lands) and Ayiti  (land of high mountains). Later Columbus named it Hispaniola, including the territory of the today’s Republic of Haiti.

Many of Santo Domingo’s notable landmarks are located within the Zona Colonial district of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990.


I love the capital by the way it looks, I love the architecture of the buildings, I love the vegan restaurants, I love to spend nights there, I love the weather, I love to feel in love in this area, (by the way, it’s a perfect place for romantic stories and declarations), of course, can’t wait for the parties and friends.

The only thing which is more than obvious, sad and annoying,  in the same time,  is the fact that the city is very crowded, so many motorcycles, lots of cars, but few ‘drivers’. Altogether, I would call it a restless city with so many quiet souls.

Colonial Zone, bordered by the Río Ozama ( more specifically, is the 4th largest river in the Dominican Republic, also has an impressive collection of early 16th century buildings, including palatial houses and majestic churches that reflect the beautiful architectural style of the late Middle Ages.

In my opinion, the river should be a focal point for tourism which would bring more revenue to the country.

Tourist flow to the Colonial Zone rose 64% in the last decade, which means that, nowadays, foreigners have increased their curiosity to invest more in this place. At the initiation of measurements to promote and improve the area, the level of destination management has also increased, resulting in an enviable tourist spot.

One of the things that caught my attention in the colonial area is that every time when someone celebrates the 15th anniversary, in the historical center begins to rain with smiles, confetti, photos and many good wishes.  Friends and family get together and the girls make their appearance in fairy, pink, red dresses. Then, through a photo shoot, everyone enjoys the colonial center, in the history-rich surroundings.


The terraces, restaurants are all different and in great demand.

Because I love vegetarian restaurants, I found some absolutely incredible places in Santo Domingo, therefore, I have three awards to give to my favorites. First goes to:

  1. Fresh Fresh Cafe, located in the capital, Santo Domingo, has delicious food, enviable décor, friendly staff and cozy atmosphere; IMG_20180603_114704.jpg

2.  The second goes to Kalenda, Santo Domingo ( is the restaurant I’ve been in love since I came here, very easy to find, because it is located in the area of the colonial center, they have chill music and sometimes they have live music as well, bringing bands at evening for different kind of activities such trade fairs where people come to sell useful and decorative objects, handmade clothes and accessories. The chef in the kitchen, who’s a reggae artist of the vegan food, has a super chill vibe..I already imagine him playing with an style of Bob Marley…lol),  and the last, but not the least, goes to:

3.  Bambu’ by Meli. The restaurant owner is a Vietnamese woman, she decided to combine Vietnamese cuisine with local Dominican food. The final result? Incredibly tasty and healthy, Bambu’ by Meli is definitely a must try restaurant.

Furthermore, decorated and well-maintained interiors, all locations are meant to put your imagination at work,  thanks to their own design creations, definitely, you’ll bee the happiest person on earth at the end of the day. 🙂

The interiors of the houses have a special design, decorated with antiques objects and adornments, they have preserved their authenticity of the old times.

Below you can see how a terrace looks inside a local house. Not to mention that there is also an exhibition of painted illustrations.


In the evening, all you can wish for is good music and a glass of red wine, while enjoying with your friends on the terrace.


I surprised this typical local home while walking on the streets.

But wait, I listed all the restaurants, but what are we cooking at home?… and I remembered that taco night…