In 2017 I ventured into the journey of my life when I first chose to travel the world and overcome my limits and fears. For this reason I chose to enter into the aviation world with the desire to experience and to get to know the wonderful countries around the world, the diversity of cultures, and to make friends everywhere. I took advantage of the opportunity to leave my country, and embrace the unknown, a road that set me for one year and a half in Doha, Qatar. I wanted to escape from the daily routine of an ordinary job and do what encourages me to be courageous, lively, proud to discover my true identity away from home.

      Before resigning from this job, I went for the last time to Indonesia, Bali, the very first place where I fell in love with the coconut (maybe it sounds weird or funny), but there was the place where I literally got drunk with coconut and ‘intoxicated’ with lots of fruits. (oh, it’s a paradise of fruits).

          Coming back to the subject, I was able to travel very often in wonderful places of the world and get to know the culture and traditional food of many countries, destinations I never thought I would visit so closely and so often in my life.

           In this post I decided to share some interesting things that I experienced during the short visit that I had in Bali. Along with my colleagues, we were staying in a hotel in the center of Kuta, the best-known tourist area on the island of Bali. The region of Kuta boasts the best beaches in Bali, a stretch of clean sand which is a magnet for sun lovers and surfers. To exemplify more, Kuta was originally discovered by tourists as a surfing paradise, hence its reputation, and once the sun goes down, Kuta is the perfect location for having fun. Most of the tourists make their appearances like a well dressed-sponge, ready to absorb and to face the crowded street between restaurants and nightclubs.

          I spent my first day here going to Nusa Dua beach, it’s an idyllic place for honeymooners due to the clean white sand beach. I enjoyed the sun, the local exotic fruits (longan, mangosteen, pitaya, salak, and of course my coconut). By the way, my favorite was salak, it’s called like this because it has a bark that looks like the skin of a snake, scaly and hard. It was an experimental day, or I better say, a real feast for the taste buds.

             In Bali, as you might know, are actually two distinct seasons: dry (from May to September), and wet ( from October to April).  I had the luck to be there in June so that everything was in harmony with my plans, the pleasant atmosphere of air and the water temperature relaxed me in such a way that I could really felt the place.


  There are many other ways to spend time in Bali, for example, you can go cycling, elephant trekking, white water rafting, pod chocolate tour, trekking, horse riding, adventure 3 in 1, and why not, Safari go Topless is also an interesting way of experience, making a cruise through the rice paddies and sleepy villages of Bali. For me it was simple, I had almost two days to do the things I wanted. So, for a short trip, I summed up everything for a walk through the surrounding neighborhoods, the experience of the famous swing, tasting the rich coffee, an impressive dinner with my friends ( before I become vegan..haha) and a crazy night in the club. Just like in another destination, I made shopping and I chose some souvenirs with specific themes for loved ones.

         Like I said before, the Bali swing experience was unexpectedly beautiful. A friend told me about her unique experience, so I went there with my friends. We hired a car along with a driver and from the hotel to the destination, we spend half an hour…sleeping. (yes, we all were so tired that we end up sleeping all the way).

The entrance fee cost us almost 30$/ person + a meal included, which was perfect. The huge swing offers great sensations for adrenaline lovers. I liked very much the location where the swing is situated.



In an idyllic setting, above the jungle, surrounded by wildlife and above a spectacular river, the swing is tied between two palm trees, all these resulting in a breathtaking view.


The Bali Swing is located in Badung, the regency of Bali that covers most heavy tourist regions, including Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Canggu, Uluwatu. Also, the airport I landed on, Ngurah Rai International Airport, is located within the Regency, the reason why we have returned so quickly home (just joking).

        We had a delicious traditional lunch in the middle of the jungle, we made a lot of photos and we had a great time.

         After this, the driver told us that in our way back home there are many coffee plantations offering coffee and tea tasting, free of charge. Of course that we stopped in a  famous place for this, and we were invited to buy coffee or tea varieties according to each preference.

In the photo below you can see from the left to the right: Coconut Sugar, Bali Moca, Bali Coffee, Ginseng Tea, Mangosteen Tea, Ginger Tea, all of them gave a special feeling to this place.

          I was a little bit surprised to know that the prices here are higher than prices in grocery stores or markets. Somewhere, in a small and private place, an old woman was mixing whole coffee beans and she was passing everything through refining processes.

              Here you have the chance to try the famous Kopi Luwak coffee, known as the most expensive coffee in the world. For example, the price of one kilogram is 550 euros. I was curious to know why is so expensive. The answer? Because of the harvesting and preparation of this coffee. The cat named Luwak is the main source by which coffee beans are being processed because this animal feeds with coffee beans. Only the outer part of the coffee beans is digested, the rest that passes intact through the stomach is eliminated. The people carefully choose the coffee beans from the excrements, which they wash, dry them and then fry them. You can try Kopi Luwak coffee at the coffee plantations, it’s 3.8$ a cup. I tried it because I was very curious to see how it taste. I was amazed to discover that it doesn’t taste much different from the black coffee I used to prepare home.

          In the beautiful end of the story, we came back to the hotel very tired, but happy, and after, we went to take the dinner and we enjoyed the very last night in the crowded Bali.

          Maybe your next trip to Indonesia will be Bali, and you’ll be more than excited to visit these places. Explore more and when it comes to planning your vacation, be open for changes, because you’ll never know where you end up.