Hey adventurers,

        The last trip I had in the southwest of the Dominican Republic it was literally impressive in terms of nature richness. I stepped into the forgotten land of Barahona dubbed ‘El Sur Profundo. I have been looking for such a place for so long and finally I found out that remoteness has its perks. So let me reveal some info that you might find useful for your next adventure in the DR. First of all ‘Welcome to Barahona’!

         I chose this location because I like to venture into unexplored places. Barahona is located at almost 4 hours from the capital, Santo Domingo, by bus. I left in the afternoon and arrived there in the night because the plan was to have the whole next day to explore and to do other planned things. When I arrived there I realized that something was changed, the air was fresher, the turquoise water color was resembling the color of larimar stone, and this seemed miraculous to me. Some things are built just in full harmony with the ecosystem, and not by coincidence. It was a different context and for real. In Barahona is the most biodiverse reserve and parks in the country, I found fresh water cascades turned natural recreational swimming parks, and plantations producing some of the country’s finest coffee. Also, the place is known for all the surfing beaches drawing athletes in search of their next break. I stayed few days at ‘Casa del Mar’ house, to a very beautiful family of Dominicans. By the way, if you look on the map, you will notice that almost all the pensions from Barahona are located near to the Caribbean Sea, just like this one.

        The morning surprised me with a perfect nature harmony, surrounded by banana trees, exotic fruits, a lovable dog and a very close beach called El Quemaito.

I decided on the first day to explore the nearby beaches.  So, I found the Bahoruco Beach, which is located in the province of Barahona, La Cienaga.

This extraordinary place is like heaven on earth. The beach is famous for its amazing sunsets, white sand and turquoise waters, a very rare stone with blue and white colors and a marbled appearance that can be found only in Bahoruco, Dominican Republic (but about this in my next post).

As far as I know, there are tours available to visit the Larimar mines. I didn’ t get there, but I think it’s a unique experience, because you can have the opportunity to interact with the miners and can even search for your own larimar stone.

In the next day, I chose to explore the mountainous area and the green forest from this magical place.  Therefore, I took a local car from the main street, known here as ‘guagua’, and I ventured.


When I reached Bahoruco mountain, I had a thirty-minute hike through the lush rainforest who led me to Casa Bonita tropical lodge, on the top of a hill facing the Caribbean sea. Unforgettable view.

During these days spent in Barahona I found peace and the proof that paradise exists. Also, one thing is certain, Dominican Republic has it all!